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Dalai Lama

Our plant is located at 2045 River Rd, London, ON. Safety is of absolute importance to us, so we ask that all customers call and set an appointment with our staff, and honor the posted safety signage.

The concrete silo and all necessary details are monitored by no less than four live video feeds to maintain control over the plant and loading process. A dispatch agent is live and on duty to oversee the loading procedure in addition to ensuring that all shipments make it out on time, according to schedule.

Computer control over the facility ensures quality control from mixture to timing. Each load is correct to specifications, colour, etc. and exits the facility on time in order to arrive at the job site on schedule. With our addition of a computer-controlled Solomon Colours liquid dispensing system, you can now choose the perfect shade for your project. You provide the swatch, we match the colour, it's as simple at that.

We insist on no less than total customer satisfaction which is why we've gone to such great lengths to establish such a facility.

JNF Ready Mix is happy to accommodate their customers with competitive pricing.

JNF Ready Mix is the concrete supply division of our business. With three generations of construction experience as the foundation of JNF, we've constructed the most state of the art production facility possible so that our customers receive their load on time and according to schedule.

In addition to the computer-controlled facility, we employ a fleet of 15 mixers that run from sun up until the last load leaves the plant. We feature in-house quality control with an emphasis on efficiency and scheduling. We strive to ensure that every load reaches the destination at or before the specified time.

If you're interested in a quote or would like more information please call the plant at 519-951-1112.

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